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  • 02/22 Intro to Groundfighting Pistol - OKC
  • 02/22 NRA Basic Rifle - OKC
  • 02/23 NRA BAsic Rifle - OKC
  • 02/27 CCW - Gator Gun
  • 03/01-03/03 Long Range Rifle LABELLE
  • 03/08 Intro to Defensive Pistol OKC
  • 03/09 Intro to Defensive Shotgun OKC
  • 03/13 CCW Gator Gun
  • 03/15 NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Gator Gun
  • 03/22 NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Gator Gun
  • 03/27 CCW Gator Gun
  • 03/29-30 Everglades Tropics Survival LABELLE

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